In Tempo: August changelog

Sep 8, 2022
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Maggie Lin
Product Marketing

Welcome to the first edition of In Tempo, our monthly changelog. Why In Tempo? We're shipping at a fast and steady pace and this changelog is our way for customers to stay in tempo with what we're building.

What's new

Notify teams with real-time usage insights with Alerts

Integrating spend signals into your systems and workflows just got easier. You can now create alerts in the Metronome UI without any engineering effort. Use alerts to gate product access, drive upgrades, enable cost controls, and more. Our recent blog post shares more details.

Give sales teams usage and spend data directly in Salesforce

Provide a complete view of customers in one place. Our new Salesforce integration brings in real-time usage and spend insights, so your sales team can drive adoption and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities at the right time. Check out our blog post and see our documentation for more information.

Explore Metronome with Sandbox mode

Test out new pricing and packaging updates with Sandbox mode. This feature is now available in the Metronome UI for all customers.

Manage user access with SSO

Streamline account provisioning and management with SSO. Contact us here or reach out to your Growth representative if you're interested in implementing SSO.

Test out Metronome in Postman

Explore and interact with Metronome's API without writing code. Our new Postman Collection makes it easy to get started with Metronome. Learn more here.

SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Learn more about our SOC 2 Type 2 Certification here. Data privacy and security is a top priority we continue to invest in and we are proud of the policies and procedures we've put in place to reach this milestone.

Fixes and improvements


  • Improved scalability and reliability of aggregation pipelines to increase uptime and decrease latency.


  • Refreshed our Segment integration for event ingestion. See our documentation here.
  • Built automatic invoice finalization for customers using Anrok Tax and Stripe.

Business model support:

  • Easier plan management and flexibility with Price Adjustments. Update pricing on a per customer basis without creating a new plan. See our documentation here.
  • Expanded currency support: We now support USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, ZAR, CHF, AUD, MXN, INR, SEK, NOK, PLN, CZK, TRY, and BRL. Contact us here if there's additional currencies you'd like us to support. See our documentation here.
  • Improvements to advanced charges for ramps. You can now extend collection intervals across multiple ramps.
  • Use tiered pricing on grouped products. This allows customers to deploy business models with tiered pricing per product and have usage accumulate within tiers specific to the resource (e.g. server, project, website, namespace, etc.).


  • Expanded search functionality. We've added functionality for searching by plan, products, billable metrics, and customers. In addition, search results now persist after inputting a search, visiting a result page, and navigating back.
  • Expanded credit functionality by adding the option to void credit grants. See documentation here.
  • Expanded plan functionality by allowing quantities to be 0. This improves modeling add-ons in Metronome.
  • Expanded API functionality with ingest alias support in API. See documentation here.

Finance and accounting

  • Built revenue recognition reporting functionality. Contact us here or reach out to your Growth representative if you're interested in using these reports.

Get in touch

If you have ideas, questions, or feedback, please let us know! If you're interested in learning more about Metronome, get in touch with us here or reach out to your Growth representative.