Effortless usage-based billing at scale

Metronome helps software companies launch, iterate, and scale their business models, with billing infrastructure that works at any size and stage.

The fastest-growing companies use Metronome
Move Faster

Designed for flexibility

Not 100% locked in on your pricing model? Want to experiment as you launch new features and products? Push your data into Metronome and rapidly iterate on your evolving business model without rearchitecting billing or rewriting code.

  • Complex pricing models without custom code
  • Supports seats, subscriptions, and one-time fees
  • Flexible purchasing with trials and prepaid credits
Product-led growth

From self-serve to enterprise

Power new insights and capabilities for product-led growth with a consistent source of truth for usage and billing. Metronome is versatile enough to handle everything from frictionless self-serve to your most bespoke enterprise plans, so you never have to jump between systems.

  • Automated self-serve provisioning at scale
  • Craft custom plans to support enterprise contracts
  • Test pricing changes for impact before rollout
delight your customers

Upgrade your billing experience

Deliver a world-class billing experience that’ll keep your customers happy. Metronome helps you increase retention and revenue with real-time, transparent, and understandable billing, without the pain of building it yourself.

  • Real-time usage, credits, and running balance APIs
  • Webhooks to power alerting use cases for customers
  • Cost grouping functionality to organize invoices
Under the Hood

Billing infrastructure
that keeps up with your business


from data to invoice

With Metronome, your team can set up world-class billing infrastructure with minimal time and investment. Unlike legacy billing systems, our platform works with data at scale, enabling the most flexible integration patterns. Once your data’s in Metronome, our four-step pipeline handles data processing and transformation from raw data to invoices.

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Metronome diagram

Reliable billing data, built to scale

Metronome integrates with any technology stack to create a powerful and reliable data pipeline between your product and our platform. We handle scaled data ingestion with idempotency guarantees and data backfilling capability to ensure that your invoices are always accurate.

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Metronome event payload

Real time, high-fidelity metrics

Metronome processes events as they happen and updates metrics continuously, so your engineering teams don’t need to build and maintain billing data pipelines. Real-time aggregation transforms raw usage data into up-to-date and usable inputs for billing, dashboards, and other business systems.

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Metronome aggregation diagram
pricing & Credits

Business model flexibility without code

Metronome handles even the most complex pricing and packaging with modern usage-based functionality alongside advanced subscription tools. Metronome features best-in-class support for both prepaid and postpaid usage-based models, with custom credit pools, cost-basis tracking, tiering, minimums, and more.

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Metronome credits

Compatible with
your business stack

Metronome helps Finance and Operations improve existing workflows and adopt best-of-breed solutions with turnkey integrations. Unlock new channels with our cloud marketplace integrations, and automate order-to-cash with integrations for accounting, quoting, and invoicing platforms.

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Metronome can easily integrate with Stripe, AWS Marketplace, Salesforce, and many more.
api & Webhooks

Easily integrate and automate

Metronome’s API lets you connect your website, product, and business systems to our real-time metrics and invoices. Set up Metronome as a data source for billing dashboards, and integrate billing with provisioning for self-serve automation. Webhooks enable alerting and cost controls so that customers can better manage and understand their spending.

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API examples, such as Alerting, Live Balances, Self-serve Automation, and Cost Control.

Empower your teams with Metronome

Engineering Icon.
Easy integration, easier maintenance

Metronome frees engineering resources with fast deployment and low-effort maintenance. We integrate painlessly with your existing tech stack, and enable no-code adjustments to pricing, bundles, and packaging. Our platform features integration tooling and clear documentation for a best-in-class developer experience.

Launch quickly, iterate continuously

Metronome lets you freely experiment with pricing and packaging and puts iteration directly in the hands of your Product team. Innovative features like price modeling help you harness your data for what-if analysis of pricing and segmentation adjustments, so you can build confidence ahead of major pricing changes.

Finance and Operations Icon.
finance & operations
Powerful UI, up-to-date data

Metronome empowers Finance and Operations teams with an intuitive UI and power tools for complex workflows. We integrate with your critical business systems out of the box, and data in Metronome is fully auditable and backed by a ledger, ensuring that billing is accurate, compliant, and secure.

Go-to-market Icon.
Versatile sales, responsive success

Metronome lifts billing constraints and generates high quality account data for all of your go-to-market teams. Unblock Sales with fully customizable pricing for your most demanding enterprise customers, and harness real-time usage and billing data to target accounts for Customer Success.

Hear from our customers

“Metronome has been an essential billing partner on our journey to bring the world products loved by millions of developers. They’ve been indispensable during this time of rapid growth."
Peter Welinder
VP of Product
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Cockroach Labs logo mint
“Metronome enabled us to deliver billing at scale for CockroachDB serverless on an aggressive timeframe. Their knowledge on all things billing, responsiveness, and attention to detail built trust quickly with our Engineering, Product, and Finance teams and have saved us many years of work."
Headshot Mattis of Cockroach Labs
Peter Mattis
Co-Founder & CTO
Starburst logo
“Metronome’s out-of-the-box integrations let us meet Starburst Galaxy customers where they are. Even during cloud service provider outages, Metronome has been reliable and resilient. Our product teams can focus on shipping features instead of worrying about billing minutiae."
Headshot Matt Fuller of Starburst
Matt Fuller
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Cribl logo mint
“The Metronome team has been an invaluable resource and a valued partner. Their industry best practices around pricing and packaging helped us design an easy-to-integrate, futureproof deployment. We’re now able to onboard our custom enterprise accounts with just a few clicks."
Headshot of Clint Sharp of Cribl
Clint Sharp
Co-Founder & CEO
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Truework logo
“As we’ve grown, Metronome has kept pace with our Operations and Success teams every step of the way. They’ve helped us manage everything from bespoke enterprise agreements to automated self-serve offerings, and have dramatically reduced the complexity of pricing updates."
Headshot Ethan Winchell of Truework
Ethan Winchell
Co-Founder  & COO