Metronome for ai

Billing infrastructure that powers innovation

Reliable billing that matches the speed of your business. Metronome is designed to handle large datasets in real-time, so billing is accurate and scalable.

The fastest-growing companies use Metronome

Optimize for flexibility and scale

Run a smooth product-led growth motion
Enable customers to test drive your product. Easily set up and manage trials, free credits, and other promotions. Get real-time visibility into customer usage and run upgrade motions or initiate sales conversations.
Get built-in flexibility for current and future pricing models
Support complex subscription and usage-based pricing models including advanced fees, premium support, tiers, and more. Experiment with pricing and packaging before implementing changes.
Speed up your time-to-market with quick billing implementation
Innovation shouldn’t be slowed down by billing complexity. Our developer-friendly APIs and intuitive user interface make it painless to set up and manage billing for new products and pricing models.

Metronome as your billing platform

We handle everything from metering to invoice generation, so you have a source of truth for your billing data.