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Our Values

Growth Mindset
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Challenges and failures are natural parts of building an enduring company, and we welcome them as opportunities for growth. We’re uncompromisingly reflective, and we find satisfaction in self-improvement, never letting our egos get in the way. When it comes to bettering ourselves, good is never good enough.

Own It
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We proactively address the most impactful problems we see, regardless of role or title. We do our best to never drop the most important balls, even when they aren’t our own. We never break promises to ourselves and others, and we take responsibility for our work. There is no such thing as ‘work below my pay grade’ or ‘not my problem.’

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We thrive in a gray area of ambiguity and limitations. We apply pragmatic scrutiny to problems, then hunt for opportunities to leverage scrappy solutions. We believe that most doors are two-way doors, but approach one-way doors with exceptional care. The more cleverly we use our resources, the more opportunities we can capture.

Customer obsessed
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We take pride in exceeding expectations time and time again, because we understand that trust is earned from a history of delivered results. We pore over customer feedback in pursuit of white-glove service and rapid product improvement. We believe that when our customers succeed, our business takes care of itself.

Meet the moment
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Building Metronome is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but our path is uncharted. When we encounter unexpected obstacles, we respond with optimism and urgency. When faced with new context, we immediately update our priors and act decisively, especially if it leads to impact in unexpected places.

World-class orchestra
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As a top-tier ensemble, we bring joy and passion while delivering stellar performances day in and day out. We prioritize our team’s success over individual glory, and we always have each other’s backs. We hold a high bar for one another and those we invite to join us, knowing that excellence requires everyone to play superbly in concert.

We seek diverse perspectives

We embrace different perspectives and backgrounds. We are a group of compassionate and curious individuals working together to create a culture that we’re proud to be a part of.

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“Metronome is a place where I’ve consistently felt I can be myself. I’ve had a lot of fun working with a grounded and empathetic team that is always ready to collaborate and help.”
Gail Hernandez, Software Engineer
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Competitive Benefits

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“The team is incredibly smart and incredibly humble. It’s the best possible environment for personal growth.”
Alex Feldman, Software Engineer
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Woman smiling - careers at Metronome

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