Real-time usage insights with Metronome Alerts

Aug 2, 2022
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Maggie Lin
Product Marketing

Businesses have more data available than ever before, but making that data actionable is challenging for businesses of any size and stage. Usage-based companies have the added complexity of connecting product usage with customer spend from large datasets.

Teams are eager to access this information to power go-to-market motions, but producing timely spend insights requires significant engineering effort and time that most teams aren’t resourced for.

Introducing Alerts

With Alerts, you can now integrate customer spend signals into your go-to-market efforts. We make it easy to set up usage-based spend notifications without any engineering effort. Our customers have quickly gotten up and running with Alerts—Metronome is already powering spend alerts for millions of end-customers.

Give product and engineering teams real-time spend data to trigger workflows

  • Gate product access for self-serve customers when they run out of credits or reach a spend threshold.
  • Drive customer upgrades with in-app spend notifications.

Enable go-to-market teams to convert customers and identify upsell opportunities

  • Increase conversions by setting up Alerts to trigger sales or automated marketing outreach before a trial ends.
  • Run proactive upsells by giving sales and success teams real-time spend notifications in the systems they already use, such as Slack and Salesforce.

Improve customer experience by helping customers better manage their spend

  • Give customers more visibility into spend by letting them create and manage alerts in your app.

Get started with Alerts

Alerts are designed to be flexible and can be applied to a specific customer, customers on specific plans, or all customers. For businesses with credit-based pricing models, you can also set up credit depletion and credit threshold alerts.

If you’re interested in learning more about Metronome, reach out to us here. For existing customers, reach out to your Growth manager who can share more about Alerts implementation.