Metronome for FINTECH

Modern billing for modern finance

Accurate and secure billing you can rely on. Metronome takes care of your billing infrastructure, so you can focus on building and growing your business.

The fastest-growing startups and Enterprises USe Metronome

Launch and scale your products and pricing

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Future-proof your billing system with built-in pricing flexibility
Launch new services faster with billing designed for complexity. Quickly model transaction-based pricing with fees, interchange rates, promotions, trials, and more. Easily manage plans and test new pricing models.
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Send secure transaction data with real-time auditability
Ensure compliance and accurate revenue recognition with detailed transaction reporting backed by a ledger. Deliver a transparent customer experience with auto-generated invoices with all transaction data.
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Empower teams with usage data in the systems they use
Quickly connect Metronome into your tech stack with our developer-friendly APIs and out-of-the box integrations. Create usage-based alerts in existing workflows for internal teams to drive engagement or upsells.

Metronome as your billing platform

We handle everything from metering to invoice generation, so you have a source of truth for your billing data.

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