In Tempo: September changelog

Oct 11, 2022
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Maggie Lin
Product Marketing

And just like that, fall is upon us! September was an exciting month at Metronome - we sponsored Kong Summit in San Francisco and had a great time meeting developers in person. We also built new features and functionality including embeddable dashboards, automated credit grants, and additional plan alerts.

What's new

Integrate embeddable dashboards into your customer-facing UI

Easily display invoice and usage data to your customers, so they can understand and monitor usage trends over time. Update the dashboard to your brand colors for a consistent user experience. Embeddable dashboards are available to all customers. Learn how to get started here.

Invoice Dashboard: view historical and current invoices.
Usage Dashboard: track usage over the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

Grant credits to customers automatically

Set up a recurring or one-time credit grant when creating a plan. This includes granting free trial credits or modeling a recurring, prepaid, credit-based business model. This feature is available to all customers. See the documentation here.

Quickly create a recurring credit grant in the Metronome UI.

Get notified when a customer is reaching the end of their plan

Create alerts that are triggered when a customer has a specified number of days remaining in their plan. This enables your go-to-market teams to create automated outreach or connect with customers to get ahead of renewal conversations. See our docs here. To get started, contact us here or reach out to your Growth representative.

Set up your alert in the Metronome UI.
View all customers included in your new alert.

Fixes and improvements


  • Continued investments in the scalability and reliability of our data pipelines including improvements to our deduplication process and event storage.


  • Expanded endpoint functionality for /customer-alerts/list. You can now pass in your customer_id and we'll list out all the alerts and their state for a specific customer. Documentation is available here.
  • Fixed endpoint functionality for /costs. We've updated it so it will now generate costs based on the version of the plan the customer was on during the requested time period, rather than the newest version of the plan.

Business model support:

  • Delete a plan associated with a customer. This will delete the plan and void all invoices associated with that plan for that customer.

Get in touch

We’d love to hear any ideas, questions, or feedback you have! If you’re interested in learning more about these features, get in touch with us here or reach out to your Growth representative.